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    A larger-than-life film
    The heart of the matter
    A real-life casting
    The look of Babel
    Imagining Babel
    Babel as a first hand experience
    About the cast: Brad Pitt (Richard)

    Ocean’s Eleven
    Are you in or out?
    A man with a plan
    Laying the plan & assembling the team
    The players
    About the production
    Designing the look of Las Vegas, and beyond
    Costuming the players
    A night at the fights
    A team to the end
    About the cast
    About the boxers
    About the filmmakers

    Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
    – Synopsis
    About the production: Setting Sail
    About the production: Cast on
    About the production: Creatures great and small
    About the production: Fantasy worlds
    About the cast
    About the filmmakers

    About the story
    An epic production
    Raising Troy
    The Trojan Horse
    The burning of Troy
    The final battleground
    Marching into battle
    Enhanced battles
    Bloody innovation
    The historical Troy and The Iliad
    About the cast
    About the filmmakers